(1985) - James Bond confronts Max Zorin who has devised a plan to corner the world's microchip market, even if he has to kill millions to do it! But before Bond can stop the madman, he must confront Zorin's beautiful and deadly companion, May Day.

This RENAULT II TXE TAXI was used by James Bond to pursue May Day as she escapes the Eiffel Tower after assassinating Bond's contact. This is one of several Renaults used during this chase sequence (the one that loses its roof from the security barricade). Legendary stunt man Rémy Julienne built these vehicles and was also the stunt coordinator for the sequence. The vehicle was obtained by the Foundation from a private source.

This item was displayed at Bond in Motion from 2012 through 2015.

Evading the San Francisco police, James Bond and Stacey Sutton leap into this 1964 AMERICAN LaFRANCE 900 FIRE TRUCK in a humorous and action-packed sequence through a city renowned for cinematic car chases. It is believed only one truck was used in the production and the front section was shipped to Pinewood Studios to complete the close-ups of Roger Moore and Tanya Roberts following location work in California. The IFF acquired the vehicle in 2020 from a crew member who had purchased the truck at the end of production in 1985.

The Ian Fleming® Foundation is currently pursuing the following vehicle:

Silver Blue 1985-86 Chevrolet Corvette

"A View To A Kill"
Starring Roger Moore as James Bond 007
Produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson
Directed by John Glen
Based on the short story by Ian Fleming