(1989) - After Bond's friend Felix Leiter is found brutally maimed by a shark attack, 007 resigns from the British Secret Service to pursue the ruthless drug lord responsible. Enlisting the help of Leiter's DEA pilot Pam Bouvier, Bond travels south of the border where he gains the trust of Franz Sanchez in an effort to smash his twisted organization.

This semi-tractor truck, AERODYNE model W900B, is one of only three that were produced for the film by Kenworth Truck in 1989. Kenworth custom built three models for the film. The Wheelie truck resides in Florida today and is no longer capable of doing the wheelie stunt as all of the hydraulics have been removed. It is now a Monster truck. The second driver truck was sold off to the public as a normal truck, but was wreaked years ago and no longer exists. The truck seen here was found at a fire fighter college in Oregon and was donated to the Foundation.

This CESSNA 172P SKYHAWK is one of four planes used in the pre-titles sequence featuring Franz Sanchez's escape attempt. This model did not have the full motor in order to make it lighter for the Coast Guard helicopter to tow. A small motor was used to turn the propeller for the shots. This plane is also seen propped up against the building at the seizure pier early in the film. The Ian Fleming® Foundation acquired this plane from a private source in Key West, Florida.

The Ian Fleming® Foundation is currently pursuing the following vehicles:

White Rolls Royce

1989 Lincoln Mark VII

"Licence To Kill"
Starring Timothy Dalton as James Bond 007
Produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson
Directed by John Glen
Based on characters created by Ian Fleming