(1987) - Timothy Dalton plays suave and lethal super-agent James Bond in this turbo-charged action/adventure that pulls out all stops for excitement. Armed with a gadget-laden Aston Martin and his license to kill, Agent 007 must stop a terrifying weapons conspiracy that may be linked to the Soviet military high command.

This ASTON MARTIN V8 VOLANTE was one of several fiberglass special effects shells that were built to be used to show off the many gadgets installed by Q. This shell was used to show the hydraulic outrigger skis being deployed during the winter chase sequence. The vehicle was obtained by the Foundation from a private source.

"The Living Daylights"
Starring Timothy Dalton as James Bond 007
Produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson
Directed by John Glen
Based on the short story by Ian Fleming